• Country: China Year: 05.11.1967 Dur: 26.08 Shot in China. An examination of the problem posed by the tremendous influx of refugees into Hong Kong from around 1946 to 1966 and the part played by Caritas in helping to look after them.
  • Country: China Year: 19.11.1967 Dur: 26.47 China. Shot in Hong Kong, this film shows three different aspects of Irish missionary life – a Jesuit priest who is chaplain to the busy Hong Kong port, a housewife, who operates a floating clinic among boat-dwellers and a Columban nun who is head of a sanatorium and a leading pioneer in modern TB research.
  • Country: China Year: 12.11.1967 Dur: 26.03 The story of Sister Eamonn Fitzgerald from Co. Cork is told in full in “The Paper Dragon”. This film considered the state of the Church in China as seen from the other side of the border.


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