Conditions of Entry

The closing date for the receipt of all entries is Monday 2 September 2024 by 17.00

Winners of The Radharc Awards will be announced in October 2024

Enquiries: radharcawards@radharc.ie


  1. Entry forms and entry requirements should be submitted on-line via our website www.radharc.ie

  2. The entry must be an audiovisual documentary of high artistic merit that addresses national or global topics of social justice, human rights, spirituality, religious faith or heritage.

  3. A religious theme is not a requirement. However, mindful of the Radharc legacy, films with religious subject matter from all traditions are particularly welcome. In every case, productions should uphold positive human values and challenge the moral conscience of the audience.

  4. Entries in Category One must be Irish produced television documentaries broadcast for the first time on any free to air television channel available on the island of Ireland during the qualifying period (between 2 September 2021 and 2 September 2024).

  5. Entries in Category Two must have been produced in Ireland for first time digital distribution on a publicly accessible platform during the qualifying period (between 2 September 2021 and 2 September 2024).

  6. Category Two especially invites entries from new and diverse sources, be they professional producers or otherwise, including entries from Civil Society organisations and students.

  7. By entering work for the Awards, entrants confirm that they have acquired all essential copyright clearance for the use and public display of the entered work.

  8. A separate application must be submitted for every entry. Multiple entries from producers and companies are welcome. Note that in the case of a documentary series, one programme ONLY should be submitted to represent the series as a whole.

  9. Entries are not restricted to works in the English or Irish language. However, language content other than English must be accompanied by on-screen English subtitles.

  10. A digital link to the documentary must be provided in the Entry Form to facilitate online viewing and download of the entry by the jury. A single password protected Vimeo link with download permission enabled is the preferred option. Entries providing separate viewing links (e.g. YouTube) and a download link (e.g. WeTransfer or Dropbox) will also be acceptable.

  11. The Entry Fee for Category One is €25. The Entry Fee for Category Two is €15.

  12. Completed Entries must include one digital publicity photograph without added design elements (posters, DVD covers or similar are not suitable).

  13. All fully completed Entry Forms and Fees must be submitted via the Radharc Trust website by 17.00 on Monday 2 September 2024.

  14. All valid entries will be acknowledged.

  15. An independent jury will judge entries. A Radharc Trophy will be presented to one winner in each Category. Commended and Highly Commended Scrolls may be presented to runners up at the discretion of the jury.

  16. By submitting an entry, Entrants agree that the independent jury will have the final say as to the winners, and that the organising Committee shall be entitled to distribute a short clip or clips from their programme entry for the purposes of promotion of the competition and the award ceremony.