Radharc Programme 12
(reconstructed 2015)


Country: Ireland
1st Broadcast: 17th October 1963
Duration: 25’12”

Holidays in Ireland A look at the seaside resort of Ballybunion Co. Kerry at its absolute peak of popularity as a holiday destination for families and fashionable young adults in 1963. But the throngs of happy tourists letting their hair down raise concern about the danger of moral relaxation. Radharc gathers views on this and other matters around the town.

Traditional Prayers An evocative gathering up of long-preserved Irish prayers and blessings [English and Irish language], illustrating the custom of having special prayers for every task. Found in this piece are prayers for rising, for a rambling child, for the striking of the hour, the lighting of the lamp, the banking of the hearth, for bidding goodnight to guardian angels, and others.

Kenmare A simple cross is the usual Catholic convention for the top of a church spire, but in Kenmare Co. Kerry, they have a weathercock – the final flourish of a beleaguered parish priest.

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