• Country: Tanzania Year: 06.04.1975 Dur: 26.39 A portrait of Julius K. Nyerere, President of Tanzania. The bulk of the film consists of an interview in which he spoke with humour and great candour about his life and philosophy as leader of Tanzania.
  • Country: Tanzania Year: 20.04.1975 Dur: 26.15 In June 1974 more than a hundred married couples from 55 different countries met in Tanzania for Familia ’74; an examination of the role of the family. They met, they talked, they sang, they prayed and they worked in the fields alongside the Tanzanian people as part of an entirely new approach to international communication.
  • Country: Tanzania Year: 26.05.1980 Dur: 26.41 A simple story of life during a normal day for an average African family in Northern Tanzania. Simon, Magdalena and their five children live in a remote valley in the Usumbara Mountains. Prisca is the four-year old baby of the house. Their valley has been transformed, thanks to an irrigation scheme funded by Gorta. This film was presented by the well-known Irish Television personality, Bunny Carr.


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