Country: Ireland
Year: 7.11.1963
Dur: 26.40

Sermon in Stamps:
This item features Alfred Langenbach, a man with an unusual hobby. He specialises in religious postage stamps and from his album he shows scenes from the scriptures, from lives of the saints, and from the religious life of countries all over the world. He is a German resident in Ireland and is chef on the staff of a Dublin hospital.
(Please note that footage for this segment is unavailable)

Touist, Co. Kerry:
This documentary features a place, which very few people ever heard mentioned – Touist, Co. Kerry. Touist’s problem is depopulation and the answer which it is trying, on a basis of community effort, is to sell itself as a tourist resort. Radharc gives an interim report on the progress to date and shows a community that has decided to face its problems instead of running away from them. Touist in 1840 had a population of 7,400. Today (1963), it has a population less than 900. One marriage took place between 1959 and 1963 in the parish.
(Please note that footage for this segment is unavailable)