Country: Ireland
Year: 5.2.1992
Dur: 24.48

For information on the titles in the Retrospect series see the original listings:

Pgm 1Christy Brown Ref No 5
Pgm 2Ballybunnion Ref No 12,.Smuggling Ref No 24,.Lourdes Ref No 4
Pgm 3Young Offender Ref No 9
Pgm 4Solidality Ref No 8,.Ballybunnion Ref No 12
Pgm 5Fr. Casey of Abbeyfeale Ref No 14a
Pgm 6Brigid’s Night Ref No 318,.Down and out in Dublin 17
Pgm 7The Village with the Most Vocations Ref No: 4,.Honesty at the Fair Ref No 14
Pgm 8Apostles Story Ref No 10,.Matt Talbot Part I Ref No 16
Pgm 9Matt Talbot Part 2 Ref No 16,.Quilty Ref No 15
Pgm 10Kerry Cows Ref No 6,.Eggs in the Hay Ref No 58