Radharc Programme 10
(reconstructed 2015)


Country: Ireland
1st Broadcast: 12th September 1963
Duration: 27’25”

Apostles Story [also identified as ‘The Calling of the Twelve’] Fr Joe Dunn introduces the programme with an explanation of the Moone Cross panel seen in the studio background [from which the Radharc logo is derived]. For further information he defers to “…a biblical expert”. In the segment that follows, a Dublin child confidently shares her version of the biblical story of how Jesus got his twelve Apostles.

Churching A gentle presentation of the now-defunct practise of ‘Churching’ women after childbirth, interpreted here as a blessing for new mothers, rather than a purification.

Korea In light of the killing of seven Irish Columban missionaries in the Korean war, this piece considers the story of Fr Anthony Collier’s life and death. The circumstances surrounding his martyrdom are discussed in an interview with Bishop Thomas Quinlan of Chuncheon who was on the ground at the time.

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