Radharc Programme 7
(reconstructed 2015)

Church Symbols,
Emigrant Ship [missing]

Country: Ireland
1st Broadcast: 21st November 1962
Duration: 17’50”

No film elements for ‘Emigrant Ship’ were located in course of the 2015 preservation project, but the elusive ‘Church Symbols’ was recovered and rejoins ‘Poaching’ and original studio links to make this the most complete available version.

Church Symbols Introducing its theme with symbols commonly seen in 1960s Ireland, from peace badges to traffic signals, the segment proceeds to test the viewers’ knowledge of familiar but often misunderstood Church symbolism.

Poaching Opens with a light-hearted dramatisation of two men poaching fish in a quiet stretch of a small river, before tackling the subject more seriously in a series of interviews that detail the dirty tricks and lethal mechanics of unlicensed fishing.

Emigrant Ship Representatives from the The Catholic Social Welfare Bureau mingle with Irish emigrants making ready to leave Dublin on the B. and I. ferry to the English port of Liverpool. Their intention is to prepare them for the challenges they face and to help them link up with Irish Centres.

This lost segment may be visualised through the Script and sample Interview transcript documents shown below.
Note that these are identified under the working titles ‘Emigrants’ and ‘B. and I.’

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