Radharc Programme 8
(reconstructed 2015)


Country: Ireland
1st Broadcast: 13th December 1962
Duration: 17’52”

The second segment of this programme ‘Thanksgiving’ has a reference audio track recorded in 2015 from the original script.

Ballintubber Abbey Built in the early 13th century by Cathal King of Connaught and richly endowed by Irish nobility for centuries after, Ballintubber Abbey Co. Mayo was demolished by the anti-Catholic forces of Oliver Cromwell in the 16th century. Catholic practise continued secretly within the ruins nevertheless and the chequered history of religious persecution is echoed in its graveyard, where murdered priest-hunter lies near murdered priests. Modern rebuilding efforts were still underway at the time of filming.

Thanksgiving An instructional piece on the formal and informal prayers that take place in the pause after receiving communion at Mass,  revealing the inner meditations of a shoe-maker, a typist, an architect and a child.

Small Farms Investigating the plight of the small farmer in Ireland, Radharc provides examples of how, with a little education and investment, it is still possible to prosper and raise a family on a small farm. Features statements from small farmers about the specific benefits they have experienced through adopting new management practises and making improvements. In an interview Fr Denehey of Annascaul Co. Kerry disapproves of the pessimism of a recent Government report, and discusses his concerns about the challenges wrought by emigration away from the land.

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