Country: Ireland
Year: 8.11.1962
Dur: 26.40

Tax on Kerry Cows [Fund Raising]:
This segment was broadcast under several titles, including – ‘A Tax on Kerry Cows’, ‘Fund Raisers’, ‘Cows and Churches’ and ‘Milking the Faithful’. In this popular piece we learn of an unusual scheme in Ballylongford, in the Diocese of Kerry to gather funds for the two churches which are damp and wet. The parishoners of the Ballylongford imposed on themselves a levy of £1 a year per cow for five years. We are shown how the scheme operates.

The second part of this programme deals with a weekend retreat. It was made in St. Anthony’s Retreat House, Raheny. We learn how a retreat is conducted and what it means.

Kylemore Abbey:
The final film in this programme was made during a visit to the rebuilt and extended Kylemore Abbey in Connemara which had burned down a few years previously. The film includes an interview with the Lady Abbess.

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