Country: Ireland
Year: 19.2.1963
Dur: 27.32

The Bell and the Ark:
The programme deals with a visit to two fishing villages in West Clare: – Quilty and Kilbaha. Each has a little church that contains a strange relic of the past. A ship’s bell resides in Quilty while a wooden mass hut is contained in Kilbaha. The story behind these relics is told in this programme.

Father Theobald Matthew:
This is a biography in words and pictures of the Capuchin friar, Fr. Theobald Matthew who achieved world fame as the “Apostle of Temperance”. He has been recognised as “the man who lifted a nation off its knees”. Sadly Fr. Matthew died believing that his work had failed, not realising that others would follow him and build firmly on the strong foundations which he laid.

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