Country: Ireland
Year: 1966
Dur: 26.10

Bishop Quinlan, In this programme bishop Quinlan describes the effects the Korean War had on himself and others. The Death March, or the Nine Days March, details the inhuman treatment endured by the prisoners. Some of the prisoners were shot due to their inability to keep up with the main group. Bishop Quinlan tells us of his joy at celebrating his first mass in Moscow after two years and ten months in captivity.

St. Mullins, Pattern Day or Patron’s Day was a social and religious event in an area. This documentary details the events that take place on St. Moline day, 25th of July, each year in the parish of St. Mullins, Co. Carlow. It describes the drinking of water from the holy well and the practice of allowing the water to flow over babies heads. The custom of the Pattern Day has disappeared in many places.